ABA Therapy - WHAT IS IT?

ABA is an abbreviation of the English name Applied Behavior Analysis.

ABA is an applied science whose purpose is to change and improve the behavior of any person. It includes general "laws" about how behavior works and how learning takes place. ABA therapy applies these laws to behavioral intervention methods in such a way as to increase the level of desired behavior and to reduce the level of dangerous or problematic behavior. Methods of ABA therapy are used to improve speech, communication skills, attention, memory and learning, game development.

ABA is recognized as the best method of correcting autism, which has a scientific justification. ABA therapy includes many different methods. But they are all based on a careful analysis of the preceding factors (what happens before the occurrence of the desired or undesirable behavior) and the consequences (what happens after the occurrence of the behavior).

One of ABA's key methods  "positive reinforcement/reinforcement." Its essence lies in the fact that when behavior is followed is  by a reward or encouragement, there is a high probability that such behavior will be repeated in the future. In this case, promotion can be a simple praise.

Training for necessary skills is carried out individually, in separate blocks and through repeated repetition. The latter is especially important for children who often need more practice to master a skill. Repetition also helps to strengthen long-term memory.

Another method - the method of casual learning (or learning in a natural environment) helps the child learn to speak. In this case, the kid himself chooses what to do, and the instructor follows his initiative. As soon as a natural situation arises, to which the child shows interest, the teacher gives him hints in order to encourage his reactions.

Considerable attention is paid to training the so-called basic skills. These include: motivation, initiative, self-regulation and the ability to respond to multiple incentives.

Specialists in ABA therapy teach children what to do, instead of what cannot be done. Thus, the manifestation of the desired behavior increases and decreases - undesirable. At the same time, the response of others to the behavior of the child also changes.

The methods of ABA therapy increase the ability to focus on the tasks, increase the motivation for learning, improve the ability to perceive and process information.

Together with the child are trained and members of his family. Their main task is the constant reinforcement of the skills received by the child.

Training programs are developed and monitored by certified professionals who have experience with autistic children. The development of the program is preceded by a careful assessment of the level of development of skills in a particular child.

Now ABA specialists work in Mariupol. Their goal - to help parents raise special children active and independent members of the society.

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