Autism: to find an approach to everyone

They are different. They are not like everyone else. They somehow  behave in a different way. Play in a different way. Rejoice in a different way. Frightened in a different way. The society does not understand and does not accept them. Because they go beyond the norm. And few people in society think about the fact that they can be taught. Teach how to do it as usual.

What is autism?

Autism is not a disease. It is an innate disorder of the development of the nervous system, which causes the brain to work differently. Accordingly, there is no medication for autism. However, diligent studies with children with an autistic spectrum disorder on specially designed programs are bearing fruit.

Scientists still cannot say with certainty what leads to manifestations of autistic disorders. There are several versions: heredity, gene mutation, etc. We also cannot explain why autism is more common in boys than in girls.

The diagnosis can only be made after a thorough analysis of the child's behavior. In general, autism is characterized by a triad of disorders, each of which may be present in varying degrees.

The first violation is a developmental disorder of speech. A child with autism may not speak at all, but if he or she can speak, but with wrong  speech forms.

The second violation is communication problems. A child does not develop communication with peers, with close people. He avoids eye contact - he does not look into the eyes of the interlocutor. He cannot ask for anything with words only leads by the hand. Or instead of asking goes for a tantrum. He or she does not imitate the actions of adults, as other children do.

The third violation concerns cognitive perception. It can be expressed in the fact that the child does not play with toys that are peculiar to children of his age. He does not understand the situation, the context. For example, if you answer his question ironically "yes, of course!", He will take your phrase literally. He will act according to the algorithm by which he was taught, but any nuance of the situation, which violates the harmonious scheme, can confuse him.

So, if violations are evident in all three of these areas, most likely, it is a diagnosis of "autism spectrum disorder".

Many children have an accompanying symptom of auto stimulation. This is the name of behavior unusual for a person, stimulating certain spheres of perception: tactile, visual, auditory. Someone he  pulls into his mouth all things indiscriminately, edible and inedible, someone shakes his hands, someone runs from side to side. Often, children with autism are hyperactive. Often there is sensory protection. For example, a person closes his ears when he enters the toilet, since the sound of a drain pan does not just annoy him, it is painful for him. In the case of visual stimulation, a person can very much like blinking objects. Or maybe not the other way around.

Symptoms of the disorder

All manifestations of autism spectrum disorders are very individual. only the doctor-psychiatrist And can  put the corresponding diagnosis. We can only give parents advice in which cases they should show the child to a specialist.

Thus, the doctor should be consulted, if a baby:

- does not respond when his name is called;

- cannot explain what he wants;

- does not follow any instructions from adults;

- does not understand how to play with this or that toy;

- establishes visual contact poorly;

 - does not smile at other people;

- does not babble at the age of 12 months;

- does not make index gestures, does not wave his hand, does not make any grasping or other movements at the age of 12 months;

-does not say individual words in 16 months;

- does not utter a phrase from two words in 24 months;

- Loses previously acquired speech or social skills (at any age).

With benefit to society

People with autism are in great need of communication. The fact that they feel comfortable in their secluded world is a myth. In fact, they just do not know how to behave in it. They need to be taught this. But for this it is necessary to find a special approach.

The special development and education of children with this diagnosis is sometimes vital. To realize this, it is enough to imagine a child who simply cannot ask for anything.

At the same time, with the timely intervention of specialists, such a child can reach the level of his peers, go to a regular school, and then, perhaps, enter a university. In countries where the problem of autism has been addressed earlier, people who suffer from this disorder do not become a burden to society, but are of great benefit to them.

The fact is that as compensation for the lack of certain skills, people with autism can see the development of others - those in which everything can be built into a harmonious and unbreakable scheme. This is very useful in mathematics, computer science, other sciences. Therefore, the percentage of people with autism is quite high, for example, in the Silicon Valley. And in Israel, people with autism spectrum disorders work in intelligence, analyzing data and maps. Long, monotonous work on analysis, structuring is their perk.

Among them there are even professors. For example, the American Temple Grenadine specializes in agriculture, and her compatriot Stephen Shore, is dealing with the problem of autistic communication, and gives lectures on this topic around the world.

Of course, rehabilitation to this level is possible in the case of relatively mild disorders. With severe manifestations of autism, such a result will not be achieved. However, therapy is indicated in such cases. At least in order to teach the child the skills of self-service: one has to eat, go to the toilet, dress. At the same time, by refusing such children for rehabilitation, we make them lifelong dependent on others for the rest of our lives. It is very important in this case that training with specialists helps to cope with the manifestations of aggression and auto aggression.

ABA to help

ABA therapy, practiced by the specialists of the Mariupol Center "ABAknovennoe chudo", allows you to teach your child skills of self-service and normal communication. Here they pay great attention to many everyday "trifles".

ABA is a therapy based on applied behavior analysis. If in a nutshell, it works like this. The behavioral analyst closely monitors the patient and draws conclusions about which environmental factors affect his behavior. Proceeding from this, the principles of work are developed, the purpose of which is to eliminate undesirable behavior and teach new skills.

The rehabilitation program for each child is strictly individual. When it is compiled, the child's behavior, his strengths and weaknesses, and even his environment are taken into account.

In the center "ABAknovennoe chudo" they work with children of different ages. Yes, the earlier the rehabilitation of a special child begins, the better the result will be. However, the intervention of specialists will benefit at any age. As an example of successful work experience, we note that the most senior client of the center "ABAknovennoe chudo" at the beginning of therapy was 20 years old.


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