Cerebral Palsy is not a sentence

Children's cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy) is a severe chronic disease in which the central nervous system is damaged. It manifests itself as a violation of coordination of movements, a disorder of the musculoskeletal function and, often, a delay in intellectual and mental development.

This disease is not inherited. Infringements in an organism of the child arise as a result of death of brain cells from oxygen starvation or a trauma in an intrauterine period or in the process of childbirth. Also, cerebral palsy can be a consequence of severe illnesses suffered in the first year of life.

In cerebral palsy, those areas of the brain that are responsible for movement are affected, hence the disturbances of the musculoskeletal system. Often the disease affects the speech of the child - it can be difficult, not clear enough. Even if serious intellectual disturbances do not occur, with slow physical development, the child slows down and mental development slows down. Often it is not critical, and, with the right approach to the development and training of such children, this problem is completely remediable.

However, a child who suffers from cerebral palsy needs a special approach. The fact is that even the most simple, arbitrary movements for us can be given to him with great difficulty. He quickly gets tired and cannot concentrate on the tasks assigned to him for a long time. As a result, he is irritated and capricious. Anxiety leads to the fact that the child begins to move a lot, perform involuntary convulsive movements. This greatly hinders him and can cause discomfort.

Meanwhile, to neglect education due to such troubles it is impossible. Children with cerebral palsy need additional early development. Since the functions of the musculoskeletal system are impaired, it is much more difficult to teach them to take care of themselves. Training in academic skills is also complicated due to illness.

In this case, our task is to do everything to ensure that the learning process delivers to the child the pleasure, was interesting, passed in an easy game form. It is also very important to choose the right type of promotion, the child must see before him the real goal and the real result.

To find such approaches the expert on АВА therapy in the center "АВАкновенное чудо" (the main office of Mariupol, Donetsk region) will help. Behavioral analyst will not only write an individual training program for the child, but also help parents better understand their child and build up a quiet relationship with him in the process of education. This is very important, because it is necessary to deal with special children all the time, fixing the skills at home with the specialists.

Parents should remember that as a result of their efforts, children with cerebral palsy can have a successful and happy future. They are quite able to study in a regular school, to obtain higher education and well-paid work, not associated with serious physical stress. If the violations are so serious that the child cannot communicate even with his relatives, then with the help of behavioral methods it is possible to develop in him the ability to ask the necessary, to attract attention and teach the skills of elementary self-service within the motor abilities of the child.

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