Children of the sun are trained!

Gone are the days when children with Down's syndrome were put on the cross and parents in the maternity hospitals were persistently offered to give up the sick baby, giving it to the special hospital. Such special children were considered untrainable, unpromising, able to be an exceptional burden for parents.

In fact, it was the boarding school, isolated from the rest of the world, that often made the sun's children helpless, uneducated, unhappy people without a future, turning them into a lifelong burden for the state.

However, modern medicine and pedagogy confidently says: children with Down syndrome are trained. With the right approach to their development, they can successfully attend regular kindergartens, schools, get at least primary vocational education, and in some cases even make a successful career.

Down's syndrome is a genetic disorder associated with a disorder in the recruitment of chromosomes. Chromosomes are tiny particles in cells carrying coded information about all hereditary traits. Usually in each cell there are 46 chromosomes, obtained equally from the father and mother. And in people with Down syndrome there are 47 of them: in the 21st pair of chromosomes there is a third additional one.

Why this happens, where the superfluous chromosome comes from, scientists do not know yet. But it is known that the disease is not related to the way of life of parents. Children with Down syndrome appear in families from a wide variety of social strata and ethnic groups. And, alas, this is not so rare. According to statistics, about every 700th baby is born with Down's syndrome.

The presence of an extra chromosome affects the health and development of thinking. People with Down syndrome usually have intellectual disorders in varying degrees. Therefore, the training should be conducted according to an individual program.

So, many children with DS have problems with hearing and listening, and therefore they are not just taught to speak. But they are well aware of visual information and often large "repetitions" in the movements. Another weak point of the "solar" children is logical thinking. It is difficult for them to explain why it is necessary to do this or that, what is useful, and what is harmful. But they respond to a positive attitude to themselves and praise, and better learn new skills through incentives. In this regard, the methods of ABA-therapy based on individual behavioral analysis and constant encouragement are very suitable for them.

 Parents who have already achieved success in the development of children with Down syndrome note that socialization, communication with peers is very important for them. Therefore, it is very important to make every effort at an early age so that in the end your child can go to a regular school, finish it, find a job and become an independent full member of society.

The experience of many democratic countries shows that adults with Down syndrome can work in a variety of areas. They master the computer well and cope with technical work in the office, act as nurses in kindergartens or nurses in hospitals, work in the service sector - in cafes and shops. Just like among ordinary healthy people, among the Children of the Sun there are great talents in painting, music, sports, theater, cinema. In 1997, an actor with Down syndrome Pascal Duquesne received the main prize at the Cannes Festival for the performance of the best male role!

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