In order to develop an agility in everyday life in children with ASD

Alexander Shvets is a specialist in sensory integration therapy. She works in our center ABAknovenoe chudo in Mariupol. Intensive classes help children with disabilities to develop the dexterity.

Ergotherapy (occupational therapy) is based on scientifically proven facts that purposeful activity that makes sense for a person helps to improve his functional capabilities (motor, emotional, cognitive, mental). Its goal is to restore, as far as possible, a person’s ability to live independently, as well as self-service, productive activities and of course rest regardless of the fact that the child has violations or restrictions to participate in the life of society. Occupations remind special medical physical culture. It includes exercises on balance, coordination of movements, development of visual-motor coordination. The program develops coordination of the skill of balancing the general motor skills, the awareness of the scheme of one’s own body in the emotional-volitional spheres of attention concentration. We believe that the active participation of a specialist in sensory integration therapy in rehabilitation will help to achieve better results.



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