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Parents of children with developmental disabilities often want to know how to react correctly to the inappropriate behavior of child, how to teach the child to eat new products, use the toilet, and take care of themselves. Currently, there are many Internet resources, but it’s far from always possible to figure out and successfully educate a child with special needs to behave correctly. ABA center “ABA is the ordinary miracle” continues the course for parents “How to teach my child ..?” This course includes separate meetings on the topics “learning to use the toilet”, “eating behavior” and a series of 10 lectures on principles of behavior formation, methods training, working with inappropriate

behavior. Courses for parents provide answers to questions about why a child is learning differently from ordinary children, does not obey, what factors should be taken into account when learning, and others.


        Course Outline:

obuchenie roditeley

  1. Why ABA? The principle of organization of therapy.
  2. Areas of application of ABA, social importance.
  3. What is the behavior?
  4. Principles of behavior formation. Reinforcement, punishment, extinction.
  5. Schedules of Reinforcement.
  6. The child disobeys parents - what to do?
  7. Establishment of cooperation.
  8. How to find motivation.
  9. How to organize homeschool. Child skills, what to teach?
  10. Teaching methods: shaping, trials, chaining.


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